Wednesday 16 April 2014

A stroll around Kolonaki

A delightful stroll around Kolonaki last week. We took the bus to Syntagma and then

walked up Pindarou Street. This neo-classical building is very charming - such intricate plasterwork!

On Alopekis Street we came upon this modernist glass building sandwiched between two neo-classical ones: a good development, I think

the building on the left of the development

with an abstract sculpture on the grounds

and the building on the right.

We then walked past Cake, a coffee shop, and I loved this scene: friends sharing a table, one sitting inside, the other outside

Sweet Alchemy, our next stop

delicious cakes, pastries and chocolate


cakes wrapped in multi-coloured cloth

dried fruit

and lots of Easter eggs.

We then went to Aithousa Technis Athinon, to see the work of Marc Raymond: sculpture, decoupage and monochrome prints - clean lines reminiscent of Bauhaus and the constructivists.



Next stop was Astrolavos Gallery in Dexameni to view Giorgos Papakarmezis exhibition 'Understand Atlas'.

Atlas II


On our way to Haritos Street we stopped at the top of these steps to look at the view

zooming in


We just had to go in Les Connaisseurs as we were passing the shop

where the displays are always interesting

I am very taken with these ceramic hens


which are dotted everywhere around the shop

around Easter time

very tastefully arranged


I think they're wonderful


as are these ceramic birds

lots of eggs around as well.


Some street art further down the road

When we reached the square, business was as usual - tons of people sitting in cafes, enjoying the sunshine

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