Saturday 5 April 2014

Glyfada by the sea


We went to Glyfada the day before yesterday, to walk by the sea. Lots of boats as is the case everywhere in our area

small boats mainly

a lot of them are working boats, and if you come here very early in the morning you can buy fresh fish

most of the boats are like this one

or this one

small bays

and even though the area is very built up, it's a pleasure being by the sea.



We were very happy to see that the restoration of the old Town Hall is complete

and I love the way it's been restored.


The back of the building.

We went in

I started going up the stairs but was told that this area was private


but I was able to take a photograph of this window.


The ground floor is an exhibition area. The current exhibition is of helmets - perfect copies of the original ancient Greek ones.
I do not understand this fascination with helmets. Henry Moore made quite a few: you can see one here and another one here. Mo Jupp has made a whole series. You can see two here.


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