Monday 14 July 2014

Back in Greece

We're back. Back in Greece. This is our fourth day here, and things are starting to get back to normal, after debilitating toothache, complex dental treatment, and being without phone or internet. But things are getting sorted, and yesterday we had our first walk by the sea.

Standing at the end of our road, looking down at the beach where we swim (or will be) most days. It's dusk

and as the sun is about to set, everything takes on a golden hue.


Lots of boats missing from the marina - July and August are the busiest months for taking boats out

The Hymetous mountain range in the distance


and aren't the colours just stunning


a boat coming in


looking closer


a glorious sunset


a new place that's just opened - too early for Greek people to eat, so it's empty

It's nice being back.


  1. Hope teeth and health are perfect for the rest of your stay. Enjoy everything. x