Thursday 31 July 2014

Eating out

Edem is one of our favourite places to go and eat in the evening: the food is not that good, but the location is. You can sit right by the sea, and if you're early you can get a front row table, and catch the sunset.


Behind us, the end of the marina


In front, Pireaus and the sun as it's setting, casting red golden glows in the sea


We are right by the beach, a popular beach which is always full of people during the day, but quite a few also remain when it gets dark

You can see the spare chair of our table and our water carafe - this is how close to the sea we are

The sun has set and everything is a silhouette

lots of people are still bathing

and the lights have come on in Castella, one of Piraeus' districts up on the hill

These three guys did not swim but bought beers from the nearby peripteron, sat on the beach and chatted. On the far right of the picture you can see the lights of a cruise ship that's just coming into Piraeus.


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