Friday 11 July 2014

More images of Amsterdam

Another favourite wander around Amsterdam is walking to the Museum district to either look at an exhibition, chill out around Museumplein or walk around Vondelpark. The walk is varied and includes busy shopping streets as well as quiet areas by the canals.

This Art Deco building is on Damstraat very near our hotel

and four of these benches (?) are to be found on the four points of the bridge

An interesting sofa in the window of ... I can't remember, I think it was an office

Always lots of tourists in the city pulling their luggage along

and you're never far from a quiet canal

Rembrandtsplein which is full of cafes and restaurants - too busy and touristy for us but you can see a sculptural rendition of The Night Watch in the distance

An Art Nouveau cinema which is absolutely gorgeous, with some very Gothic features

looking closer

and again

detail on the side of the building 

a look inside






An Art Deco movie theatre near the flower market


Chairman Mao having a drink in a shop window

a very small house

a houseboat with a difference

a small, quiet square

Yet another Art Deco movie theatre

One of the things I really like about the architecture in Amsterdam is the large windows. Our hotel room had windows like the ones in the black and white building on the right, and they are fantastic - floor to ceiling, letting in lots of light and affording great views.

During the summer the canals are full of boats, people taking picnics and wine or beer and enjoying themselves

view from the bridge

a typical road next to the canal

And we have reached our destination. I posted on Museumplein in 2012 which you can see here.

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