Sunday 3 August 2014

A stroll around Kolonaki

It's August and Athens is deserted - everyone has gone away!  Amalias Avenue is empty except for the odd car and a few yellow taxis and it's bliss! And, it's going to get better...


The only downside is that museums and galleries close in August too. But the Benaki shop of the Hadjikyriakou-Gika annex is open.

Lots of books on art, architecture and literature.


The children's section of the shop

 and a lot of objets d'art by contemporary artists

a bowl by Theodora Horafa

looking in


a new version of the safety pin brooch by Juliette Polac

love the dog

one last look at the shop before leaving.


A neo-classical house on Pindarou Street


and then on to Skoufa Street, but even Antonello is closed


Café culture still strong though

The top section of Kolonaki square

such pleasure walking in these deserted streets - hardly any traffic

I arrive at Mohnblumchen by Dexameni - we ate here one evening last week, but that's closed too now

it's a wonderful building


I am very surprised to see that Astrolavos gallery is still open, but not for long, this is their last day - they will be closed for the rest of August


lots of reflection, not possible to properly see the sculpture by N. Kranakis


but there's another inside

I like the space in this gallery

an abstract by Artemis Katsabani,

back outside and down the steps


onto Haritos Street, but I'm in luck, all the galleries are closed, so back home after a bit more of a wander.

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