Monday 18 August 2014

Around Plaka

A very hot day, 34oC but, wanting a break from swimming, a wander around Plaka is in order. First stop, St Catherine's a Byzantine church, built in the 11th century.

Daphne's restaurant is just across the road, in this beautiful neo-classical building

Just round the corner is the Lysikrates monument, most commonly referred to as The Lantern of Diogenis, built in 335BC. The Acropolis fortifications in the background

A lot of beautiful buildings in this area


that have managed to survive demolition mainly because it's illegal to build tall buildings around the Acropolis

I love these wrought iron balconies and their intricate design

Up the shallow steps, 

and we reach Tholou Street

another Byzantine church, Agios Nikolaos Ragavas

one more view

a beautifully restored neo-classical house 

lovely door, lovely balcony 

lots of steps round here 

great terrace, vines around the windows

another great balcony, love the supports

blue and white, the most common colours in Greece

there is a taverna at the end of this alleyway, we used to go there a long time ago

popped the camera through the railings to capture this courtyard - I was intrigued by the antiquities by the wall on the right

but then saw the plaque outside the building - it's the training centre of one of the museums 

the streets are so narrow here that it's impossible to get a photograph of a whole building

The Old University:  the seat of the First University of  the Independent Greek State, 1837-1841


another gorgeous balcony
Dioskouros, a café/ouzo place just below the Acropolis

this place is usually packed. The only explanation I can think of as to why there are so few people is because Athens empties in August - Dioskouros is frequented by Greek people, students mainly. We used to come here all the time - they do a wonderful poikilia (tapas) which they serve with ouzo

gorgeous, muted colours

a closer look at the wonderful wrought-iron work of the balcony

The entrance to the Roman ancient agora

a peep through the railings


More ruins - the Library of Pantainos this time 

Adrianou Street, full of restaurants and cafes, overlooking the Acropolis. A wonderful place to sit and people watch

and we stop for lunch at Kuzina, our favourite these days. The kitchen is not open yet, but we are happy sitting here with a glass of wine

I always have the same starter, as I can't get enough of it: doughnuts filled with feta cheese mousse with spearmint and olives, with a pomegranate sauce, sprinkled with pistachio nuts. 

Our view of the Acropolis as we eat

Finally, on our way back, the flea market in Thissio

great fun for browsing.


  1. Thank you for the tour. It is like a completely different place for me. I remember the area when it was run down and there were no crisply painted buildings and the tavernas were much more basic. Progress is great - most of the time.

    1. I would say that about two thirds of the buildings have been restored, Olga. There are still a lot of wrecks and I was aware that I was editing them out as I was photographing. But, there is a lot of progress and walking around Plaka is a pleasure.