Monday 29 September 2014


Another visit to Antonello and what a treat it was!


Both windows looked spectacular

as did the shop


looking closer

everything just so

leaves and flower petals on the floor - great attention to detail

warm, autumnal colours


Quince and prickly pear amongst all the foliage and the flowers dominate the main window
fantastic colour combinations

a brass lizard on the floor - something that escaped me while I was in the shop

looking closer

a luscious display of fruit on one of the stands

When I mentioned that the displays reminded me of still lifes I was told that they were the inspiration.

autumn colours

by the entrance

 looking closer 

roses and chillies


I particularly liked these bouquets on the counter

the dresser at the back of the shop





  1. I'm amazed that the owners of this business make any money - the cost of the displays must be enormous! They are beautiful, and thanks for showing them to us. Certainly, if I ever go back to Athens I must seek out this shop.

    1. The displays are works of art Olga, and every single week they change to something totally different. The woman who does them is inspired indeed. I have wondered about the cost of the displays too, but the flowers they sell are very expensive and the shop is in Kolonaki, the most expensive and exclusive area in Athens. They were preparing for a wedding once and I thought that the displays must have cost thousands and thousands - I guess some people can afford all that as there seems to be a section of society that has more money than it knows what to do with. But, going to the shop is a real pleasure, and they're always so friendly too even though I never buy anything.

  2. Just poaching some quinces with star anise and cloves...the smell is drifting through the house. They look beautiful here too as decoration.

    1. Mmmmm. Lovely. I love quince. Greek cooks use them a lot and in very imaginative ways.

      I first saw them used as decoration in Amsterdam and thought 'how wonderful'.