Monday 15 September 2014

Voidokilia beach

No mountains to climb from Pylos to Voidokilia beach, flat countryside, and a smooth drive with elaiones, olive fields, on either side of the road for the whole of the 6 kilometres

Kalamata olives, of course.

Looking closer.


Vaoidokilia is a round beach, or to be more precise it's shaped like the letter Omega. When we arrived all we could see was a perfect circle, like a round lake,
but as we moved along, we could see the narrow opening to the open sea.
The beach is presumed to be Homer's 'sandy Pylos' where Telemachus was welcomed by King Nestor when searching for his father, Odysseus. Above the beach is Nestor's cave where according to myth Hermes hid the cattle stolen from Apollo.

Close up, the rocks at the mouth of the bay look majestic

Its sand forms a semi circular strip of dunes.  The land facing the strip of dunes is Gialova Lagoon, an important bird habitat.


Because my camera could not capture the shape of it, I have copied this picture from a book on aerial photographs of Greece, published by TA NEA, where the circular shape, as well as the Omega formation become evident. It's quite an amazing place.

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