Friday 19 September 2014


A small village in the Messinian Gulf, between Kalamata and Koroni, Petalidi was fun to visit.

the village is a narrow strip along the coast

had we had the use of binoculars we could have seen our hotel in Kalamata across the bay.

A pink confection in the centre of the village

the local market was in full swing when we visited and I was able to buy the lemon squeezer I had been looking for.


Olive fields with the sea as a backdrop for most of the journey

We saw this construction on the side of the road and could not figure out what it was: too large for a shrine, but a small church with only 3 walls seemed unlikely.

So we had to stop and take a closer look. It's not like anything I have seen before. The gates behind are those of a large monastery complex with at least 3 small chapels, lots of large buildings and miles of - what else? - olive groves. We could not get any closer as the guard dogs barked furiously.


Looking up


The painting that takes up most of the facing wall is on canvas


The leaves of the olive tree rustled in the wind and turned silver in the sunshine.

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