Monday 5 January 2015

Freezing fog

We had freezing fog yesterday and it was very very cold. I thought a walk was in order and started from Old Milverton village.


This barn and its sign have always fascinated me.

Everything was frozen and very pretty.


St James Church was shrouded in mist

the pretty little square in front of the vicarage

the churchyard looked appropriately atmospheric.


One last look at the church before

taking the path through the fields.


It was enchanting

the trees, stark forms in space.

The fog conceals, gives a false sense of protection, makes you feel you're the only person in the world. 

 I loved it.

The ruins of Guy's Cliffe House were barely discernible - usually I get such good views of the ruins from this spot


Everything looked so pretty covered with frost

The bridge that takes you to the river, the weir and the Saxon Mill

Standing on the next bridge the river looked appropriately mysterious

The Saxon Mill, mentioned in the Domesday Book,  a restaurant now

This is the spot that affords the best views of Guy Cliffe's House but yesterday, all I could see was an outline of the chimneys - very Thornhill Hall

and the fog had turned the world monochrome


As I retraced my steps I stopped at the little pond by the river


walked up the same path


and ended up at the church again.