Friday 30 January 2015

From Blenheim to Woodstock

Another visit to Blenheim Palace and this time we decided to walk around the lake

It was a bright, sunny day 

 and we walked along this path

lots of small clusters of trees like this one


as well as some beautifully shaped ones.


The lake shimmered in the sunlight

a cottage, which on closer inspection looked quite run down

a mass of exposed roots

looking closer

as we walked up the hill we had a panoramic view of the lake, the house and the bridge

the bridge was designed by Capability Brown

We then walked into Woodstock village looking for somewhere to have lunch.

It's very picturesque

with its own distinctive architecture

It's a Georgian village and it contains many attractive period buildings 

lots of pubs and places to eat

It was very quiet as it was Sunday. 

 Beautifully proportioned


and the brickwork glowed in the sunlight.

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