Friday 9 January 2015

St Peter ad Vicula church in Hampton Lucy

Every time we visited the grounds of Charlecote Park we could see this church in the distance and felt very intrigued as it's such a big church fit for a large town or city, and not to be found in the middle of the countryside. So, a visit was in order.


It looks magnificent from a distance and the visit did not disappoint.

It's the parish church for the small village of Hampton Lucy, and it's a Grade I listed building.  The church has its roots in the 14th century, but the original church was torn down and it was completely rebuilt in 1826 in the newly fashionable Gothic Revival style.  Thomas Rickman designed the tower and Henry Hutchinson created the nave. The chancel, porch and apsidal sanctuary were added in 1858 by Gilbert Scott.

We walked all around

the church is truly magnificent.
looking closer


And we came back full circle.

The interior is a true testament to Victorian style and it's beautifully furnished. The oak stalls are  carved and the east window is full of colourful glass by Thomas Willement, depicting the life of St Peter.



  1. Wonder what the 14th century one they tore down was like?

    1. Interesting question. I could find very little on the newer church on the internet and nothing on the older one. From what I gather the Lucy family wanted something 'better' and bigger - they had lots of money.