Sunday 29 March 2015

Athens snapshots

I Vouli, The Parliament building, Syntagma Square, and how delightful it is that the iron fence designed to prohibit the people from getting too near, has been removed.

Iliou Melathron, now the Numismatic Museum, on Panepistimiou Street. Built by Ernst Ziller between 1878-1880 for Heinrich Schliemann, it was considered to be the most magnificent private residence of Athens. Its design was inspired by the Renaissance Revival movement as well as Neoclassicism.

Walking down Voukourestiou Street

some beautiful buildings on either side

the arched passageway leading to Stadiou Street.
Seville orange trees line most streets in Athens

a gorgeous house by Dexameni in Kolonaki


looking closer

still in Kolonaki, down the steps

that provide a good view of the city

Pindarou Street and another neoclassical building

and next to it, another one, with gorgeous plaster work on the front

 Academias Avenue, this building has been recently restored

it's a corner building, straddling three roads, this is the Pindarou and Academia's corner

We tend to use the National Garden as a short cut

a breath of fresh air in a city where cement predominates


a tiny little pond

Still in the National Garden, I don't know what this little building is, but it's cute

One tends to notice the few remaining older buildings in a city where the modern apartment block predominates.

During another visit we walked along Pireos Street

past the old Gasworks which is now an art gallery and performance centre

its chimneys dominate the landscape

the old gas storage cylinders


Then walking along the old Keramikos archaeological site

that affords good views of Lycabettus hill.

The Planetarium on Syngrou Avenue - we went on the day of the eclipse because telescopes had been set up so that the public could view the eclipse

The queue wasn't long, but it was static most of the time as it was too cloudy - after queueing for about half an hour, we gave up and left.


I love the way some of the olive trees have been trimmed.

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