Monday 23 March 2015

Zoumboulakis Gallery - the shop

A wander around Kolonaki is one of the first things I do when we come back to Athens. The private galleries in the area have some interesting exhibitions: I don't always like or get interested in everything I see, but it's always worth a look.  My first stop this time was the shop of Zoumboulaki Gallery where paintings, prints, furniture, jewellery and ceramics are sold.

The window

Looking in - two prints by Nikos Nikolaou on the facing wall

a closer look at one of the Nikolaou prints

two prints by Jean-Michel Basquiat

and another one by Basquiat, still in the window

Inside the shop, the red bench on the right is by Zaha Hadid


a print by Kex - Christos Kechagioglou (too much reflection from the glass, but I did want to include this and some of the others)

a print by Yannis Tsarouchis

Yannis Moralis

Yannis Moralis

Yannis Moralis

Yannis Moralis

Jean-Michel Basquiat.


  1. A most enjoyable tour round this gallery shop, thanks.

    1. I enjoyed my visit and all the other galleries I visited on that day, Olga. I was also pleasantly surprised to see the Basquiat prints.