Sunday 8 March 2015

Public art around The Square

Some more public art in Winchester, around The Square, this time.

Luminous Motion by Peter Freeman, in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral by The Square.

It's a six metre column of mirrored stainless steel, pierced by 500 fibre-optic light points.

It uses mobile phone technology and text messaging to allow passers-by to influence the display, changing colour according to text messages sent by members of the public.


It looks very good at night,

the discreetly lit Cathedral in the background

The Bollards:

All around The Square the bollards are to be found, all 16 of them. Inspired from some of the world's greatest painters, each bollard represents a painting. Such fun! More cities should follow Winchester's example.

Toulouse Lautrec 

Piet Mondrian


Wassily Kadinsky

David Hockney

Bridget Riley

Leonardo Da Vinci


Henri Matisse

Gustav Klimt

Jackson Pollock

Rene Magritte


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