Saturday 20 June 2015

Emil Nolde

During our visit to Waldermarsudde on the island of Djurgarden in Stockholm we had the opportunity to see an exhibition of the paintings of German Expressionist, Emil Nolde.
'Colour, the painter's materials, colours in their independent existence, weeping and laughing, dreaming and rejoicing, hot and holy, like love songs and passion, like ballads and chorals' , Nolde wrote about his approach to colour.
Nolde favoured an impressionist style early on in his career and eventually went over to pure expressionism, where colours are imbued with intense emotion. He was a member of the German expressionist group Die Brucke for a while.


Gentleman and Lady in a Green Dress, 1911

Blonde Girls, 1918

Portrait of a Woman, Pilar Hauptman, 1912

Strange People, 1923


High Sea - Troubled Clouds,  1948

I liked the vibrancy and expressiveness of his early work. His later work became quite grotesque and fantastical and that did not appeal at all.


  1. I have always loved his paintings of flowers and of landscapes - especially the sea. I very much like the portrait of Pilar Hauptman in your post. I must admit that I am only superficially acquainted with his work, so do not know about his development of style.

  2. I didn't know his work before this exhibition, Olga. I too liked the flowers and landscapes best.