Sunday 28 June 2015

The Old South - Amsterdam

A visit to the Old South, the Museum area in Amsterdam, is always a must.


Over the years we have worked out various ways of getting to that area of the city - all very interesting, and involving lots of canal admiring



Cleaning out the canals is serious business and we are always amazed at the number of bicycles that get dredged up

A quick stop at Rembrandtplein square, to say hello to the Nightwatch (you can see more about this here ).

Some of these canal houses are so meticulously neat and pretty


looking closer


The second boat on the left is a house - still in the process of being completed

The American Hotel, an Art Deco landmark in Leidseplein

fountain at the front

beautifully preserved building

with a gorgeous tower.

Then a walk through some of Vondelpark

Amsterdam's biggest park

and one that is used extensively

be it on foot, bicycle, rollerblades, or just for lying around in the sunshine

The beautifully restored Rijksmuseum. We did not visit this time, but you can see highlights of our visit last year here ,  here , here , and here

We walked through the 'tunnel' of the Rijksmuseum and reached Museumplein


and noticed that the pond is dominated by a new 'sculpture'

I can think of no other city that could carry kitsch with such aplomb

The fountain outside the Van Gogh shop

and another new addition: Bunny Parade



Museumplein is vast with the Rijksmuseum at one end and the Concertgebouw (Concert Hall) at the other, with the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk (Museum of Modern Art) in between


Lots of new things here this time,

including these,

which Ken had just to try out.

the Concertgebouw in the distance


and we headed for the Stedelijk to see the Henri Matisse exhibition


After the exhibition we came to sit here, one of our favourite things to do - there is always so much going on here

which this time, included the Bunny Parade.


  1. As ever with your posts, I love the detailed tour of places. A vicarious holiday!