Sunday 11 October 2015

Back in the U.K.


From summer to autumn in one day.

After a very quiet but enjoyable stay in Greece we are back in the U.K. One of the first things I like to do is go for a walk in the park as I find that this grounds me, makes me accept and welcome the move.

I always start with Mill Gardens

A gorgeous day, cold but sunny and the pond is a pleasure to behold

These two mallards think so too

sun, clouds, trees and bushes reflected in the water, brown leaves floating on top


fractured reflections

and a lone coot negotiating its way through

the play of light and shadow on the little bridge

the river so still,

I have missed all of this.

As I cross the next bridge to get to Jephson Gardens, I notice that there is an unusually large number of Canada geese in the water

I take one of the paths in Jephson Gardens

lots of red this time of year


this squirrel will do anything to get to those berries

having finished eating, off we go....

The new sensory garden is finished and it's got lots of colour


Autumn colours at their best.

It's good being back.



  1. Welcome home, glad you are pleased to be here. This autumn sunshine is just wonderful.

  2. These are fabulous photos Eirene, gorgeous. I wonder if you would let me use a couple for the Leamington In Bloom website and social media? With links to your blog of course. Best wishes, Annabel obo LIB

    1. Thank you Annabel. Of course, you can use my photos.