Tuesday 27 October 2015

More from the Oxford Ceramics Fair - 2015

Yesterday's post on the Oxford Ceramics Fair was getting too long, so here is some more...
Katie Braida:



Rachel Wood:

a look inside
Jack Doherty:

You can find out more about Doherty's vessels and the process of making them,  here



Emily Myers:

Eddie Curtis:

You can see more of Curtis' work here, here and here




Amazing textures

Sasha Wardell:

Jin Eui Kim:


Looking at these works make you dizzy. I talked to the artist and he said his ceramics are about challenging perceptions of reality. I had to touch them to see if the surfaces were smooth or whether they are ridged, following the line of the decoration - they are ridged. I had to touch the black dots in the middle to see if there is a hole there - there is not. So, most of these are not vessels, but sculptures.


The lid in these jars is reversible - you can see both ways of using them in the two jars here.

Bridget Drakeford:



  1. some lovely things here...I love Eddie Curtis' work...wonder how he gets those textures?

    1. Yes, exactly, Avril, how does he do it? I have spoken to him in the past about his work, and he talks about inspiration (did you look at the links I provided in this post? The third one is about the series Blast which I think is very interesting) but not about technique. I always look forward to seeing his work.