Tuesday 6 October 2015

Tony Cragg

Tony Cragg at the Benaki Museum, Pireos Avenue, Athens.

We had great fun at the Tony Cragg exhibition trying to locate the human profiles, the noses, mouths, chins, eye-sockets in these horizontal sculptures that resembled precariously piled stacks of spinning plates. Made using computer-aided design, these sculptures also evoke standing figures, columns, towers that spin on their axes and wobble like viscous liquid.
'We perceive the world through light reflected on surfaces',  Cragg says. 'We develop a frantic ability to read these surfaces and what lies behind them. And these surfaces are always the product of a function. There's a reason things look the way they do - a value to everything. But if you shift these relationships just a bit, put another emphasis on them, new meanings come out of it'.

This is exactly what Cragg is doing in his current sculptures, shifting our sense of what things should look like so that what appear to be human profiles blur out of existence as you move around them, and they slide out of alignment.

Three of the sculptures have been set up in the courtyard.


And then we walked in the gallery where the rest of the sculptures were exhibited....

Runner, 2011 (bronze)

looking closer 

Willow II, 2015

These sculptures are as much about the material that has been used and the way it has been used, as about form

Sharing, 2005, (jesmonite)

Woman's Head, 2007 (bronze)

Relatives, 2004, (bronze)

In Memory of a Second, 2002, (stone)

Diabas Head, 2008, (stone)

looking closer


Point of View, 2003, (stainless steel)

The steel has been polished so well that it does indeed look like viscous liquid


McCormack, 2007 (bronze)

looking closer


Declination, 2003 (bronze)

Bent of Mind, 2008 (wood)

looking closer

Secretions, 1995

looking closer

A Head, I Thought, 2011 (wood)

a different view

looking closer

Lost in Thought, 2011 (wood)

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