Tuesday 8 December 2015

Deasil - private view

Deasil is a relatively new, independent art gallery in Leamington. They have a new exhibition every three weeks which is excellent.

We went to the private view on Friday as they were exhibiting three of my necklaces.

We had a really enjoyable evening - lots of people and great art.

Child's Play, Nancy Upshall

Anya Simmons, North Pembrokeshire

Anya Simmons

It's a Light, The Two Ton

ceramic vessels, Usha Koshla

Little Escapes, Alison Johnson

necklaces, Eirene.


  1. What beautiful necklaces you make - I love the asymmetry, and especially the odd cube bead in the b/w one. I hope that they do well, and in such an attractive gallery too.