Wednesday 23 December 2015

One of my favourite things....

In winter we walk by the sea almost every day. About once a week we do a longer walk and end up at Skippers for ouzo and lunch. It's one of our favourite things and we always have a wonderful time.
We start from the end of our road which is where the beach we use in the summer is.  The sand sculpture on the left is a permanent feature in winter. It is created by Leonidas who has been doing this for 10 years.

The sea is on our left as we walk down the hill. The views are fantastic.

I particularly like it when the sea is very calm 

The hills in the distance are Salamis island 
 At the bottom of the hill we reach another beach


that leads to the promenade which is usually full of people taking a stroll, but was deserted yesterday 

This is where Pennarubia is, a popular cafeteria


Once we reach the marina, we walk to the end of the quay - you can see the Hymettus mountain range from here.

We retrace our steps and enter the main section of the marina

We walk along the main road of the marina which is where all the piers branch out

we sometimes walk to the end of one of the piers. Were we to walk along all of them, this walk would talk over two hours. As it is, it will take us approximately an hour to reach our destination, Skippers

This is the second largest marina in Greece

We reach another cafeteria, Dia Noce - this was a favourite of ours about 4 years ago


line after line of boats


this walk is very enjoyable


the marina admin offices are about half way


We eventually reach the area where they lift the boats out for maintenance 

always interesting to watch the process

and then we continue our walk 

The marina is so packed with boats that they are running out of space, so some temporary extensions to the piers have been set up

and walking to the end of one of those gives you a good view of the scale of the place 

After about an hour we reach Skippers which is situated inside the marina. It was quite cold yesterday, so, not many people about which suited us fine, as we were able to sit in the front row

and enjoy a view of this gallion


we don't know its history, but we think it might have been used for the making of period films. We sat here for about two hours, had an ouzo and some lunch and then started walking back home. A wonderful day.

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