Saturday 7 January 2017

From Birmingham to Glyfada

Our cafetiere broke on our first day in Greece, so having spent that first day sorting everything out in the flat, we decided to go to Glyfada the next day to buy a new one. We took the tram

and a few minutes later arrived at the marina in Glyfada.

A nice, long walk would eventually lead to the shops.

The path is sandwiched between the sea on the right, and the tram line, a very quiet road, and the houses of the rich, on the left.

Some of the houses on this stretch are magnificent - rumour has it that Aristotle Onassis wanted to buy a house here, but money can't buy you everything, at least not in this affluent area.

It's impossible to see many of the houses as they are hidden behind stone walls

and some of the walls go on and on

The beach was deserted, except for the birds

even though we did see some winter swimmers later on.

As a child, I was fascinated by this house: to me it looked like a fairy castle.

This is another favourite of mine

We eventually got to the town hall which is an art gallery nowadays.

The silver path on the sea beckoned - I sometimes wish I was a winter swimmer, but you have to do it all year round so as to acclimatise yourself, so my wish will have to remain a pipe dream.

Our search for a cafetiere was not successful as the cheapest we were able to find was three times the price of those selling in the UK.  We could not make ourselves pay that much

so we walked on to the market to browse and buy

it's one of the largest ones in our area

oranges and lemons,


aubergines and courgettes

tomatoes and peppers

lettuce and herbs


more salad produce

giant white cabbages .... and lots more...

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