Friday 20 January 2017

Margarita Ecclesiarchou

Ceramics by Margarita Ecclesiarchou at the Benaki Museum Shop, the Nikos Hadjykyriakos-Ghikas annex.

I am a great fan of this artist and always enjoy seeing new ceramics she has produced.. You can see more of her work here , here and here

These latest bowls have interesting forms and are decorated with gold and silver - very different to what she has produced in the past. The last two bowls are what was left in the shop from her previous collections but worth re-posting.

looking inside

looking inside

looking inside

looking closer

paper-thin porcelain

looking inside.


  1. I love that view in your pic third from the bottom. Do I see evidence of a purchase in your first pic?

    1. Well spotted, Olga. We bought the bowl featured in the first two images in my post.