Thursday, 26 January 2017

Vally Nomidou

I first came across Vally Nomidou's work in Olga Norris' post in Threading Thoughts last August. I was immediately hooked. Olga also mentioned that the Athens Glyptotheque featured one of Nomidou's sculptures so a few days ago we went to have a look.

Nomidou's life-size sculptures of women and girls are made out of paper and paperboard. They are delicate yet strong, vulnerable yet powerful, and totally bewitching. You can read more about her work here

Bien Venue, 2002

Cuts, tears and openings reveal the internal structure of the work.


  1. Eirene, I'm so pleased that you got to the Glyptotheque, and that you found the Vally Nomidou. That piece looks fantastic, and it must have been really interesting to see close to.

    1. It was a real pleasure Olga, and it's given me an appetite to see more of her work.