Saturday 5 August 2017

The market

Our weekly trip to the market is a pleasure. There is so much there and all in season. They also tell you which part of Greece it comes from.

I love posting pictures of luscious fruit and vegetables, so here are some of the produce that are on sale.

Ripe, red tomatoes


salad greens and herbs

two different varieties of aubergine

fish and seafood

grapes are just starting to appear, but they are not as plentiful or as sweet as later in August


courgettes with the flowers still on


apricots - the end of season is approaching so we make the most of it

 cherries - their season is ending too, and they're my favourite fruit, so we bought lots

ginormous watermelons

the white aubergines started appearing in the market a few years ago - I am always tempted to buy some, just to try them, except that I have never liked the taste of aubergines and I assume there won't be that much difference in this variety


peppers and cucumbers - the ones in the middle are a variety of cucumber that again, has started appearing recently - we tried them last year but decided we prefer the more conventional cucumber

more aubergines - they look so good. Pity I don't like the taste

The first figs of the season


this round variety of courgette are delicious when roasted




beans. These are aptly called handres in Greek, translated as beads.

The shelled beans retain their lovely pink pattern, but once cooked, they turn a uniform very pale pink colour.

More beans.

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