Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The Byzantine Museum in Athens

The Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens.

As the name suggests, the permanent exhibits in this museum are of Christian and Byzantine art. The temporary exhibitions are quite different though, and are on the whole very interesting.

One enters through the arch in the first photograph which leads to a large and very pleasant courtyard. We have visited a lot of times, but what we had not done before is go behind the building facing us in this photograph. We were very pleasantly surprised last time we visited, as there are extensive gardens at the back as well as a restaurant that we intend to visit in the winter, on a sunny day for lunch.

This is the restaurant and cafe. We were set on going to Philippou on the day we visited, but this looked pleasant and cool. The place was relatively empty, but it was 1:00, far too early for Greek people. Given the number of waiters we saw, I expect it would get busy later.

The restaurant leads on to the extensive gardens

Careful planting throughout

I wonder if those steps serve as an amphitheatre

lots of grasses around

The back of the building

We walked around for a bit

but decided that we would explore fully in the winter

as this was a very hot day

and at midday the sun was beating on us.

We retraced our steps, walked through the restaurant

back to the main courtyard - you can see the Lycabettus Hill in the distance

one of the buildings on the side of the courtyard

and the other side which is where the entrance for the temporary exhibitions is, in the bowels of the building, down two flights in the lift

Some cool spots here

careful planting as in the rest of the garden

lots of lavender

it's a little oasis in the middle of a bustling city

through the arch again and we left this tranquil place behind us.

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