Saturday, 26 August 2017

Omada Techni at the Byzantine Museum

Omada Techni at the Byzantine Museum, Athens.

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of Omada Techni, an artistic movement that is associated with the birth of modernism in Greece. The group was founded by Nikolaos Lytras.

This adoption of modernism resulted in the abandonment of traditional perspective, the adoption of an approach to space arranged in flat planes, and the replacing at times,  of strong colours with monochromatic planes since the blinding Greek light limits the colour range.

The influence of Impressionism is evident in a lot of the paintings we saw.

Konstantinos Parthenis, Portrait of Julia Parthenis, 1911-14

Theophrastos Triantaphyllides, Two Children on the Beach, 1919 (oil on canvas)

Theophrastos Triantaphyllides, Pushchair, 1919

Theophrastos Triantaphyllides, Girl on Faliro Beach, 1919

Perikles Byzantios, Parisian Bar, 1914-15, (oil on canvas)

Konstantinos Parthenis, Resurrection, 1917-19, (oil on canvas)

Pavlos Rodokanakis, Harmony, 1918-19, (oil on canvas)

Konstantinos Maleas, Laurio, 1918-19

Konstantinos Maleas, Dusk, 1908

Konstantinos Parthenis, Annunciation, 1910-11

Konstantinos Parthenis, Dream Landscape, 1907, (oil on cardboard)

Konstantinos Parthenis. Lake, Mist, 1900 (oil on canvas)

Pavlos Rodokanakis, The Song of the Water, 1918-19, (oil on canvas)

Lykourgos Kagevinas, The Port of Saint Tropez, 1914, (oil on canvas)

Lykourgos Kagevinas, Santorini, 1917, (oil on canvas)

Lykourgos Kagevinas, Santorini, 1915, (oil on canvas)

Lykourgos Kagevinas, Mega Spilaio, 1914, (oil on canvas)

Lykourgos Kogevinas, Monastery of Vatopedi, 1919, (oil on canvas)

Nikolaos Othonaios, Poros, 1917, (oil on canvas)

Nikolaos Othonaios, Island Courtyard, 1917, (oil on canvas)

Odysseas Fokas, Frozen Stream, 1907-10. (oil on canvas)

Nikolaos Othonaios, Landscape - Evening, 1917, (oil on canvas)

Gregorios Zevgolis, Bust of a Woman, 1919, (plaster)

Periklis Byzantios, The bar, 1919, (oil on canvas)

Othon Perbolarakis, 1917, (tempera on paper)

Nikolaos Lytras, Portrait of K.M. as a Child, 1914, (oil on canvas)

Othon Perbolarakis, Poppies, 1919, (tempera on paper)

Nikolaos Lytras, The Artist Umvertos Argyros, 1910, (oil on cardboard)

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