Sunday 19 November 2017

Blenheim Palace - autumn

Last week we decided to visit Blenheim Palace yet again, mainly because we wanted to see the Softer exhibition by Jenny Holster. Blenheim offer quite a good deal because if you buy a ticket for one visit you can convert it to a pass that gives you free access to the place for a year. We will therefore manage quite a few visit in the next 12 months as we love walking in the grounds.

Capability Browne's bridge looked as magnificent as ever

We walked through the Water Terrace to get to the grounds

down the steps to get to the lower level

where we got a good view of the palace.

This sculpture is by Georg Baselitz

The path we took leads to the rose garden and the cascades

autumn colours

we turned right and walked along this path

which leads to the cascades. Unfortunately they had drained the water from the dam. The cascades looked pretty sorry for themselves

whilst a pheasant decided to explore the area now that it was dry.

Beyond the dam all was like it always is

A view of the bridge once we climbed the short path that leads 

to this path that takes you back to the palace.

Wonderful autumn colours

This is one of the nicest walks in the grounds - this stretch of water is human made and runs through the estate, created by Capability Brown

zooming in we could see the palace and the boat house

the mist gave the area the feel of a fairy tale

large trees on the edge of the water

while the branches of some reach into the water

another boat

and another

We continued on our way

and eventually reached the boat house.

After lunch we decided to walk around the Secret Garden. The asters' autumn colours were at their best

Lots of small ponds in the Secret Garden

all interconnected by small brooks

This is by far my favourite place in these grounds

it's carefully tended

and very peaceful

Even though it was Sunday and the palace was full of visitors, we were the only people in the Secret Garden - bliss

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