Sunday 12 November 2017

Carved, cast, constructed

Carved, Cast, Constructed - British Culture, 1951-1991 at Marlborough Fine Art, Mayfair, London.

We came upon this exhibition by chance. We had just left the John Martin gallery where we had gone to see the John Caple exhibition. The man on the ladder below caught my eye, so we went inside to have a look.

John Davies, Man on Wooden Ladder, (resin, fibreglass, stone dust, acrylic paint with wood and steel)

looking closer

John Davies, Little Egyptian Servant, 1991 (bronze)

John Davies, Gesticulating Figure, 1990 (painted bronze)

Lynn Chadwick, Winged Figures, Version 1, 1973, (bronze)

Kenneth Armitage, Pandarus (version 3), 1963, (brass)

Kenneth Armitage, Figure on its Back, 1965, (painted aluminium)

Henry Moore, Upright Motive No. 12, 1955, (bronze)

Henry Moore, Wall Relief, Three Forms, 1955, (bronze)

Anthony Caro, Table Piece Z-8, 1978-79, (rusted and varnished steel)

Margaret Mellis, Two, 1979, (driftwood construction)

Margaret Mellis, Fisherman, 1990-1991, (driftwood construction)

Margaret Mellis, Marsh, 1989-1990, (driftwood construction)


  1. I hope you enjoyed this exhibition. It's good to see that these artists are still popular. It's unusual to see John Davies' and Margaret Mellis' work these days.

    1. It was a real pleasure, Olga, and more so because it was unexpected.