Thursday 16 November 2017

Boxes - Oxford Ceramics Gallery

The Ceramics Gallery, Oxford

The current exhibition at the gallery is of boxes, but there is a lot more besides.


This container has two lids so that one can swap and change. Unfortunately I did not record the name of the artist, but I remember it's someone from Japan. All the Japanese ceramics in this exhibition have their own wooden box for storage. This particular container has an added compartment for the storage of the spare lid.

Yoshokawa Masamichi (celadon glazed porcelain with cobalt)

Niisato Akio (window glazed porcelain)

Yoshikawa Masamichi (celadon glazed porcelain with cobalt)

Mo Jupp, Portrait of a Box (black earthenware)

Mo Jupp, Portrait of a Box (black earthenware)

Bodil Manz, (slip cast porcelain)

Bodil Manz, (slip cast porcelain)

Bodil Manz

Chris Keenan, (porcelain)

Chris Keenan, (porcelain)

Takeshi Yasuda

Akiko Hirai, Moon Jar

looking closer

Paul Scott, kitsugi (the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold) on willow pattern china.

and taking this a step further, how clever of Scott

John Ward

Lucie Rie

Mo Jupp

Chris Keenan

Akiko Hirai, Large Cube Flower Vase, (porcelain with celadon glaze)

Akiko Hirai, Large Cube Vase, (porcelain with ash glazes)

John Ward


  1. What a lot of gorgeous stuff. I particularly like the long rectangular box, and the non regularity of the lines on it. I find the Mo Jupp portraits of boxes amusing, and I love the John Ward pieces. I was delighted to see Paul Scott's work for real in the Angie Lewin A Printmaker's Journey exhibition:
    such a lovely concept, as well as just fabulous execution. Could be said of everything in your post! Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the link, Olga, - some lovely stuff there.

    My ambition is to own a John Ward piece, one of the black and white ones possibly - the thing is that they are so expensive! I laughed out loud when I saw Mo Jupp's portraits of boxes - absolutely hilarious and such a clever idea. I also liked Akiko Hirai's square vases.

    It's a wonderful gallery, and going there never disappoints. I went back there yesterday for the present exhibition, Sake, which was also very good - not sure when I will manage to post on that, as I have a long backlog and not enough time for blogging.