Saturday 24 March 2018

Ceramics at the Bevere Gallery

Ceramics and more at the Bevere Gallery, Worcester.

Tim Andrews:

Green and blue vessel

Resist striped humbug

Small striped resist humbug

Oval footed porcelain

Peter Hayes:

Raku totem

Black standing stone

Porcelain blades

Anna Silverton:

Tim Gee:

Conical bowl

Open bowl

Soft cylinder

Deep open bowl

Jane Abbott:

Inlaid porcelain vessels

Jack Doherty:

Round bowl

Round vase

Carved oval bowl

Spherical vase

Elke Sada:

Narrow vessel

Rowena Brown:

Clapboard house on rock

Emma Rodgers:

Ceramic running hare

Bronze running hare

Painting, Camilla Ward:

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