Monday 26 March 2018

Shadows and Light - Martyn Brewster

Shadows and Light by Martyn Brewster, at Waterhouse and Dodd, Mayfair.

'My primary concern has always been with painting. I have never ceased to be fascinated and enthralled by the tactile and evocative qualities of paint, oil paint especially. Early on, I developed a particular interest in colour and abstraction which is the key to my work, coupled with a lyrical and poetic response to both nature and the medium.

I have always loved the related activities of drawing and printmaking. The drawings represent a more direct response to nature and all are done outside, in front of the motif. It is a challenge to deal with light and shade, space and atmosphere, and to find new compositions amongst such an endless multitude of forms. The prints are the opposite, and allow for a complete absorption in colour and abstraction free from directly associated references. Drawing influences printmaking, which affects painting and so on, each practice constantly enriching and extending the other and inspiring new work'. Martyn Brewster.

The Green Fuse no. 1, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Coastal Light Series No. 1, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Coastal Light no. 157 (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Nocturne No. 1, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

To The River, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Winter Light No. 2, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Night Blues, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

When Winter Comes, (acrylic and collage on canvas)

Shadows and Light: Study 3, (acrylic on canvas)

And finally, in the office of the gallery:

Alexander Calder, Purple and Patchwork, (gouache and ink on paper)

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