Friday 9 October 2020

Alex Mylona

Alex Mylona at MOMus, Athens.

'The white marble from the Dionyssos quarries, in slices of two, three or five centimetres, is the material which I use and which expresses me today. Simple, but full of light and life, it stands out autonomous. Complicated forms do not fit here: they would hide its beauty. Clear, plain lines such as square, circle, semi-circle, have always been symbol shapes. The synthesis of those shapes, but also the relationship between them, are the basic elements of my work, the key, so to speak, to a certain language'. (Alex Mylona, 1984)

Theatre, 1984 (marble)

Angel I, 1983 (marble)

Angel II, 1983, (marble)

Angel III, 1983, (marble)

Aegean II, 1984, (marble)

Berioshka -Russian dance, 1957, (hammered iron)

Berioshka -Russian dance, 1957, (pencil on paper)

Cyclades II, 1984 (marble)

Vegetal, 1962 (hammered iron)

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