Sunday 4 October 2020


This beautiful neo-classical building is home to

MOMus (The Metropolitan Organisation of Museums of Visual Arts in Thessaloniki). I don't understand why it's called that, as it's the home for the collection of sculptor Alex Mylona.

The reception area is inviting and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that there is no entrance fee for the over-65s.

The whole of reception as well as the landings and stair areas are full of Mylona's sculptures.

Alex Mylona

The inscription at the base of this sculpture reads: 'A hello! From the person from 600 BC to the person of 2001 AD'.

Alex Mylona, (Bronze relief on stone)

Sun, 1998

Fire Dance, 1958, (copper)

The shop.

More of her work on the stairs

We started with the yard at the back of the building, a small, quirky place, full of curves, angles and hidden small spaces

sculptures have been placed in strategic places

this is one of Mylona's

We then moved on to the terrace, a space I had not visited before. And, what a wonderful space it is!

I don't have a wide-angle lens, so can only show snippets of it. A wall all around protects, but does not deflect from the views 

Chris Gianakos, Omega, 2011

You can see the Observatory from here as well as the street sellers, the little that has been left of the open-air flea market that was dismantled a few years ago

The Parnitha mountain range to the north of Athens

The Acropolis


 the Lykabetus hill

Another set of steps lead to this charming little tower

where Kouros and Kori by Alex Mylona proudly stand

another picture of the tower

Mark Hadjipateras, Sham, 2017, (cast aluminium)

Another view of Kouros and Kori from higher up

On the way down we tried to access the little tower internally via this wooden spiral staircase, but the door was locked.

It's quite a place!

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