Saturday 31 October 2020

Our local, outdoor gym

There are exercise machines in this tiny park which is surrounded by streets, but with very little traffic, fortunately. It's another initiative by our wonderful mayor who's had lots of these outdoor 'gyms' installed all over our area. This one is round the corner from where we live, and unlike some of the others, for some reason it's rarely used - we have never seen anyone here - which is good news for us.

Now that it's cooler we have started coming here three times a week, and we love it. The number and range of the exercise machines is limited, but we do manage to get a good work-out. We stopped going to the gym in December and cannot foresee when we will be able to start going again, as we would not like to use an indoor gym given the pandemic, so this is very welcome.

The machines don't have weights - instead for each exercise you use your body weight, which is good enough.

Ken's hips were very sore the next day after he used this one.

I am still reluctant to use this one given my hip replacement operation in January, but I might just start trying it out soon.

So, we exercise here surrounded by the scent of rosemary.

Ken is working his abs on this one - it's the one he loves the most.

Finally, amongst the pine trees and other trees and bushes that I cannot name, there is a gazia tree - one of my favourite native trees. They have just started flowering, small, delicate, fluffy flowers that smell divine: people put them in their drawers and wardrobes to scent their clothes. I don't know what the tree is called in English - I tried googling it, but with no results.


  1. The leaves and flowers look like a form of mimosa. A xx

    1. They do look like a mimosa indeed, but they are completely different trees. My neighbour has both, a minosa and a gasia, and they are in fact totally different. Also, the Greek name for mimosa is the same as in English. Thanks for trying, though.

  2. Thank you, that's really kind.