Tuesday 1 December 2020

A walk by the sea during lockdown

A walk by the sea is a 'must' every day during lockdown. It takes us two minutes to get there as the sea is at the end of our road.

The Seville oranges that line the streets, are full of fruit

and the white bougainvillea is still in bloom.

Our beach looks very different now that all the umbrellas and beds have been removed for the winter

we walk along the coastal path

and reach the entrance to the 'free' beach

which is still quite busy - people don't want to give up swimming, or just sitting by the sea,

We had out last swim three weeks ago: it's been a very mild autumn so far, and I can't remember the last time I swam in November, so I am very pleased about that.

It's wonderful being able to walk by the sea - it's something that I treasure and it gives me a lot of pleasure.

It's Sunday, and a warm, sunny day, so the promenade is quite busy but safe: it's easy to keep one's distance

We turn left, into the first section of the marina

past the tennis courts

the fisherpeople's little boats on our right

followed by the bigger yachts

We love looking at the boats

We will walk to the end of this pier, and then turn back

we have almost reached the light to the entrance of the marina

wonderful views of the open sea from here

and of Piraeus in the distance

the Hymettus mountains in the distance are very clear today - pollution has gone down during the lockdown

on our way back

we stop to look at the little sailing boat with the rescue boat keeping an eye on it - it's mainly children who are learning how to sail

When we reach the promenade, the sea looks wonderful - the sun cuts a silver path on the sea

and a sailing boat is right in the middle of it

We don't want to go back yet, so we sit on bench, looking at the sea

and comment with envy on the swimmers

this woman cracked a few nuts on the rock  and ate them before going in

it's so lovely here, calm and peaceful that we stay for an hour

another boat enters the silver path

 and everything is as it should be.

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