Friday 18 December 2020

Greetings from self-isolation

Having come back from Greece on the 12th of this month, we are self-isolating. It's hard. I long to get out, to go for walks. Instead, I constantly look out of the window of my study, waiting for the days to pass. This coming Wednesday our self-isolation ends.

I miss Greece, I miss the sunshine, but most of all, I miss feeling relatively safe from Covid. I had forgotten how awful it feels being in the UK during the pandemic: the government here has, and is, making such a mess of providing any leadership in these testing times that my anxiety levels have risen again. Constant U-turns on decisions, no test and trace system to speak of, blundering from crisis to crisis, placing emphasis on boosting the economy, rather than saving lives, these are some of the issues that define the Johnson government. 'Why are we back here?' I keep asking. 

Infection rates are going to rise after Christmas, and a health service that is underfunded and is already on it's knees is not going to be able to cope. The future looks grim.

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