Monday, 22 November 2021

The launch

Often, when we go swimming or for a walk, we see lots of sailing boats on the horizon. The other day, on our way to Skippers we saw them being launched while we walked past the sailing school in Alimos  marina. 

It's school children, and we were amazed at how competent and confident they seemed to be.

Two and a half hours later, after a fairly long walk and a pleasant hour at Skippers, we could see the boats in the horizon. Not easy to spot them, as they were very far, and I had to zoom in, but they are faintly discernible in the distance. 

                                                                *   *   *

I had written this up and was planning on posting it the next day, but then we came across another group of children in Floisvos Marina.

Three sailing boats were being led in by a rescue boat

you can see the rope in this photograph

Ready to step out of the boats on to land

The man in the rescue boat wheeled over three trailers and then he disappeared - the rest was up to the children

who wheeled their boats 

to the water tap - one of the boys was already there, had cleaned his boat and was waiting for the others

The boats and their parts were hosed down. The children were very young and yet very competent and responsible. This keel is as high as the boy holding it up. My guess is that the two boys were around 7 years old, and the girl a bit older, maybe 9.

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