Monday, 1 November 2021


It's much cooler now, the clocks have changed and we haven't been swimming for over a week.  The autumn schedule is firmly established:  we go to Athens to visit exhibitions, or out for lunch, (still sitting outdoors), or for long walks by the sea with a break for a cup of tea, either at Skippers or Edem. Skippers is the firm favourite, not just because we love going there but also because it's going to cease existing soon and we want to make the most of it.

Our walk takes us past the free beach - the winter swimmers enjoying it all.

These people swim all year round, but they wrap up really warm before and after the swim, something I learnt the hard way this year.

 We walk along the promenade

Pennarubia, the coffee bar, on our right

and the sea on our left.

Soon we reach the marina.

There are plans to 'gentrify' it. The private company that has bought the place have already started on the work. We are all very upset about it. Sure, it might become more pleasing to the eye, but, like Floisvos Marina, the bars and restaurants that will replace the ones in place at the moment, will be soulless places, and so expensive that they will be inaccessible to the majority of people. 

Boats like this will disappear - they won't be able to afford the mooring fees. They will be replaced by
monstrosities like the one in this post . The whole area will become a rich people's playground. It makes me very sad.

We walk along the marina

I love the reflection of the boats in the water

and after 40 minutes we reach Skippers. Very quiet on this particular day, which is great.

and particularly this beauty which has been used extensively for filming.

Skippers unfortunately will be shut down, to be replaced by a hotel. Skippers is an institution, one of the best things in this marina, and closing it down is a crime. Some call it 'progress'.

We  normally  stay for about an hour, and then we walk back home. It's always a great day.

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