Thursday 3 February 2022

Lara Scobie at the Stratford Gallery - autumn 2021

Lara Scobie at the Stratford Gallery - autumn 2021.

Scobie makes slip-cast vessels using parian clay. The term parian is derived from Paros, the Aegean island famous for its white marble, which was used extensively in classical Greek sculpture. Very simple forms and abstract decoration are the hallmarks of her work. Large leaning cylinders, bowls, tall narrow jugs, simple beakers are her preferred forms. The geometric patterns of her surface drawing enliven the contrast with the smooth white surface and the luscious interior glazes.

'The theme of balance is a constant, significantly underlining my current work in which ideas of dynamic interplay between form and surface develop. By integrating drawing, surface mark making and volume I play with the balance of space and patterm alongside hue and texture on both the decorated and void surface areas. For me, it's the balance between composition and form, absence and presence, that offers some of the most exciting opportunities for expressing my creative voice'.

Bowl with deep orange interior

Oval vessels with 23 carat gold interior

Shallow bowl with deep orange interior

Tall bowl with orange interior


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