Friday 11 February 2022

Thatched cottages in Chipping Campden

On the edge of Chipping Camden there are a significant number of thatched cottages. They are delightful. 

This one is the first one we came across - it has an undulating roof and even the porch is thatched. Note the bird on the roof, made out of hay

This one is right next to the previous one 

looking loser - two birds on the roof this time

Lots of moss on the roof of this one, including on the porch. Two hay birds on the roof 

Nothing to do with thatched cottages, but I had to include this amazing hedge, manicured to perfection.

Further along and on the opposite side of the road, a much larger cottage.  A man on a ladder is pruning the trees

A few doors down, sits this one -  the thatch follows the line of the windows

a side view

I love the way the thatch wraps around the windows on this one

a side view

attached to the previous one, another cottage - moss on the thatch and yet another bird on the roof

A new build. 

When we were walking around town, we noticed another thatched cottage.

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