Saturday 5 February 2022

Peter Hayes

Peter Hayes at the Stratford Gallery.

Primarily known for his ceramic work, Peter Hayes also works with glass, stone and marble. 

In 1999 he started a series of bronzes which he cast in Berkley, California with intending to show them at the New York and Chicago Art Fairs. Because of their popularity he decided to start exhibiting them at various venues in the UK. He is now up to the fourteenth model of which each edition is a series of seven with two artist proofs. He works with a foundry in Jaipur, and his son Justin undertakes the finishing and patina on each piece.

Gemini, (bronze)

a different view

Couple, (bronze)

Couple, (a much smaller one, this time in stoneware)

Head, (bronze)

a different view.

Jomon Vessel, (stoneware)

looking closer.

Jomon Vessel, (stoneware)

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