Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Hilary LaForce at Warwickshire Open Studios

The second venue during Warwickshire Open Studios we were able to visit was in a wonderful modernist house with the most beautiful garden. We went to see Hilary Laforce's ceramics.

Hilary Laforce makes individual ceramic pieces, drawing inspiration from the changing landscapes and eroding sea shores, particularly in Cornwall and East Anglia. She works in stoneware and porcelain clays, using a variety of techniques. The scale of the work ranges from very large coil-built bowls to tea bowls in various sizes. A common theme, irrespective of scale, is the juxtaposition between the iridescent crystalline interior and the tactile, eroded exterior.

Current work uses high fired crystalline glazes, applied in multiple layers. These glazes require specialised firing technique, with controlled cooling and high temperatures, creating unusual and surprising results.

Fragments of Landscape

Nesting Dishes

Sea Urchin

Flared Vessel

Fragile Landscape

This series combines eroded volcanic surfaces with pearl and silver crystalline glazes, reminiscent of the contrasting surfaces of an oyster shell. The palette of glazes is evocative of granite cliffs, seashore and crashing waves.

looking inside

Fragile Landscape

Chartreuse bowl

Chartreuse tea bowl

Blue Crystal Orb

Pearl Crystal Tea Bowls

Ice Crystals Bowl

Fragile Landscape

We had a look at the wonderful garden afterwards

went down to the river where we saw two swans and their cygnets.


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