Saturday 17 September 2022

Swimming in Sifnos

We loved the swimming in Kamares. The beach was a five-minute walk from our hotel which is on the main road

after two minutes we would turn right, and then turn again once we reached the Boulis hotel

and then it's sand dunes and reeds

I had never come across these flowers before that grow on the sand - apparently they are called 'sand lily' (pancretium maritinum)

it's beautiful

it seems miraculous that it should grow in sand, despite the brine and aridity


The beach is a long, rounded bay, with Kamares on one end

and the district of Agia Marina, where the taverna Argyris is situated, at the other end

and where, on the side of the mountain, a small church is perched

There are three sets of umbrellas with recliners, and we favoured the last one, the one that got less busy. We would arrive at around 10:30 and the beach would be almost deserted, even though it got fairly busy later on.

Very peaceful.

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