Friday 9 September 2022

The sculptor's studio

The sculptor's studio

at the Alex Mylona Museum, Athens.

Alex Mylona's studio.

The exhibition traces the history of modern Greek sculpture during the first part of the 20th century.  Important changes occurred during that period that changed profoundly and re-orientated modern Greek sculpture. The transition from objective art to abstract formulations would lead to the gradual distancing and ultimate break with representation. The transition moved first from the canon of academic realism to the fringes of modernism and then increasingly to an increasingly non-figurative, geometric rendering of form. This transition was most pronounced in the rendering of the human form, but was also evident in the conception and adoption of abstraction. 

Yannis Pappas:

Yannis Pappas was a prolific artist: sculptor, designer, self-taught painter, he was also a notable writer and translator.

Perisylloge, 1959, (bronze)

Young Woman on the sofa, 1948, (Bronze)

Young Woman on the sofa, 1948, (ceramic)

Woman on Blue Background, 1956, (oil on canvas)

The Studio in Paris, 1935, (watercolour on paper)

Mould and Books, 1939, (oil on cardboard)

The Studio, 1995, (oil on plywood)

Klearchos Loukopoulos:

Klearchos Loukopoulos, Small Shelter, 1975, (bronze)

Tiryns, 1965, (iron)

The Unknown Man, 1945-55, (limestone)

The Blacksmith, 1958, (iron)

Soso Hotopoulou-Kontaratou

Self-portrait, 1950, (bronze)

Self-portrait, 1960s, (welded iron)

Giorgos Zoggopoulos:

Head of Fifi Skina, 1935, (plaster)

Head of Fifi Skina, 1935, (bronze)

Mother Cyprus, 1955-56, (marble, bronze)

Horse, 1939, (bronze)

Alexaner, 1968, (bronze)

Frosso Efthymiadi-Menegaki

Supplicants, 1958, (hammered iron)

Couple of Roe-Deer, 1941, (terracotta)

Nightbird, 1961, (hammered brass)

Lazaros Lamenos:

Centaur, 1950s, (marble)

Bella Faftopoulou:

Electra, post-1960, (bronze and slate)

Dancer, post-1960, (bronze, slate)

Christos Kapralos:

Seated Female Figure, 1958, (bronze)

My Mother, 1954-57, (plaster)

Composition (Pieta), 1982, (wood and bronze)

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