Tuesday 13 June 2023

Blenheim Palace Food Festival

Bleinhem Palace Food Festival.

This was the second time we went to the Bleinheim Palace Food Festival and we enjoyed it immensely.

I don't know what breed these sheep are

but they have the most amazing horns.


A lot of stalls and vans selling delicious food 

and drinks

we got there early - the queues were for drinks at this time of day

Great variety of food, a pleasure to look around, and some tasting offered as well

not bad for a name

There were chefs' demonstrations - this one is Nigel Brown


This was one of the few stalls not selling fresh food - I wish there had been more of these

I think this is an obscenely large portion

Indian sweets

This brought back memories of Lisbon

There was a band as well

vegan sweets

By lunchtime queues had started forming - the longest ones, at the two Greek stalls

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