Saturday 17 June 2023

Coughton Court

We had not been to Coughton Court for a while, and as always, we enjoyed the visit. We were too late for the bluebells in the wood, but there was still lots of see and enjoy.

I love this avenue of trees - there are two of them on either side of a wide lawn

We left the house and started exploring the grounds

over the little bridge

and we took the path next to the stream 

which is full of wild garlic - unfortunately we were too late for the blooms which were dying as you can see, but the smell was still overpowering

it's a very pleasant walk


we reached the bog garden

and then moved on to the walled garden

which is always immaculately tended

with a combination of large lawns


and, of course, the four wisteria trees which are a real pleasure this time of year

we then moved on to the lush part of the garden

the iris are plentiful at this time of year

and just so beautiful

We wanted to walk round the lake after that

and on the way came across this family of geese

it's a nice shady path

and here they are again.

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