Monday 5 June 2023

Old Milverton

A walk up to Old Milverton

soon the ruin of Guy's Cliff House comes into view

St James' churchyard 

the extension of the graveyard


I love that church spire

downhill now. All the planting this year is the new short wheat

over the bridge

the pond

the bridge that stands over 

the weir

and leads to the Saxon Mill, the pub

I crossed the bridge

it was still early, and the pub was empty - only walkers about

nice views of the river from here

there's always a swan's nest at this time of year here

the pub

is a great place to come for a drink or a meal and sitting outside in the summer is an added bonus

I walked to the front of the building 

then the back

and then continued on my way

past the ruins of Guy's Cliff House

along the river and eventually ended up where I had started from.

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